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A day climbing Snowdon with my gorgeous girl and our Kefir Kraut specialist. [we call her Cabbage Mary but its a secret].

Freddie must have climbed Snowdon 3 times waiting for the old bloke to catch up but believe me, the Pyg track all the way down was far harder.

Maybe one more time before next year's big 70 !

However, the day after I was interviewed by Goldster with some very aching legs.

Hope you will find some inspiration somewhere in my dulcet tones.

I definitely know of some of our customers who will benefit from joining.

Goldster is a warm and welcoming community platform tailored to those over 50, dedicated to enriching health and well-being.

They ground every activity in the best global evidence, helping manage and prevent health conditions that matter.

Alongside their array of live and on-demand classes, you’ll find expert-led clinics focusing on weight management, chronic pain, gut health and more.

Plus, their community support groups are here to connect you with friends old and new, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

Tibico customers are being offered a gut-bustingly good 50% discount on membership: Https://

Hope you enjoy !

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