Our Founder

During 2016, following a life changing event it became imperative that I understood more about nutrition and gut health.


What I thought was a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise, gym sessions, cycling and walking, was actually being countered by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Stress, hypertension, very high blood pressure, high cholesterol, living on antacids ... I eventually ended up being diagnosed with carcinoma in situ of the oesophagus. I was extremely lucky that this was detected very early on.


As a Food Process Technologist and Microbiologist, months of study confirmed the importance of good nutrition, gut health and a high percentage plant based diet. Over time, a career change resulted in studying 'Functional Nutrition'. This led to a greater understanding of the power of probiotics and prebiotics in developing and maintaining a healthy microbiome (gut health) and in particular the dependence of the human body on the bacteria and yeasts that reside in our bodies. 


A lifestyle change, especially in nutrition saw the disappearance of my condition within 9 months ... never to return. This has not only had a positive impact on myself, but also with clients who I started to work with through Tibico. These clients faced similar challenges especially those with poor gut health, depression and type 2 diabetes.

In creating Tibico, I wanted to develop an every day health drink which could be enjoyed by all, with no added sugar, vegan friendly, dairy free, unpasteurised and no artificial sweeteners. 


Raw and totally pure ! 

William Shotton

Our Story


I researched numerous probiotic products over a 3 year development period. This included milk kefir (made from both cow and goats' milk), the small shot products such as Benecol and Actimel, various types of Kombucha and numerous other fermentation products. However I felt they all missed some of the objectives of taste, organoleptics, and beneficial bacterial profile. 


It's easy to state ..... contains 'beneficial bacteria' and 'good for your digestion and gut health' but how substantiated are the claims of so many products on our supermarket shelves and moreover, health-food shops.. The development of our drinks has focused as much on the benefits of culturing beneficial bacterial as the taste and experience.

I continue to research the power of bacteria and yeasts in our health and wellbeing to not only seek a greater scientific understanding but to also provide an educational platform through our Blog Page.


We are proud of our Tibico Drinks and their ability to bring healthy probiotics and other beneficial minerals, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and phytochemicals to kitchen tables in our community, and beyond.


William Shotton



The picture above are Tibico Grains, each called a SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). These are the powerhouses that slowly ferment our drinks producing billions of probiotic cultures.


Looking inside the polysaccharide structure of a Tibico Grain with an electron microscope.

Inside the freeze fractured lattice structure there are billions of beneficial bacteria working to produce Kefir Water.  Magnification: 7,220x if the image is printed 10 cm wide.


Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the benefits of fermented food and drinks and to provide an educational platform in gut health and wellbeing.

We're focused on sustainability

We maximise our sustainability objectives through responsible buying and the reuse of our packaging materials.


All our packaging is recyclable:


Bottles in Glass

Caps in Aluminium

Labels biodegradable

Boxes and stuffing Cardboard

Our Promise

We crave the cultured life and we’re here to ignite your craving for it too. Traditional fermentation is what makes our products so incredible. We promise that our fully-fermented beverages are sugar free, caffeine free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and made with 100% pure ingredients with no additives, no fruit juice and no artificial flavourings.

Tibico (26).jpg

'I seem to have allergies to almost everything and water has been the norm for years. I have been drinking Tibico for almost 4 months and have found that in addition to it's gorgeous refreshing taste my intolerances have almost disappeared..... have to say it really has changed my life.


- JANET LOMAX, Newport

'I was delighted with the mixed box of sizes and flavours. I've always wanted to drink water kefir but never found it palatable. However I really enjoy all of the Tibico flavours. I always try to buy local so that's also great and the buying experience was easy and seamless. Thank you Tibico !.



'I am a Personal Trainer and champion a protein bar company. I have been drinking Tibico for over 12 months and notice the difference when I miss a week.....my bloating has disappeared. I have more energy and recommend it to all my clients as an alternative to post workout drinks as it also demonstrates good electrolyte properties.'