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Stuff To Watch

In this section we have linked some YouTube Videos that are relevant to your health an wellbeing.

They are all very recent and based on validated evidence and hosted by eminent specialists in their field. All our videos are NOT supported or sponsored by Food Companies, Supplement Companies or Pharmaceutical Companies. They are based on new research and science that is very much superseding tradition medicine.

Don't forget: "Let food become your medicine otherwise medicine will become you food".

  Professor Tim Spector's
Opinions From
New Dietary Science 

This is a fascinating video on the changing views that science is bringing to the way we eat

and 5 foods that Tim changed his mind about.

What Is Low Grade Inflammation ?

Low grade inflammation affects everyone throughout life, from birth to our final years. From osteoporosis and rheumatism to type 2 diabetes, heart attacks and strokes and dementia, low grade inflammation is behind them all. 

Much More To Come

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