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Shelf Life 120 days



Our Carrot, Nettle and Pumpkin Seed Kraut with added Saw Palmetto has been developed following a long research project with nettle compounds.  Celtic salts are added with 82 trace minerals to commence the process. Inspired by the need to produce a natural ferment with high amounts of carotenoids and polyphenols to combat inflammation in the body. Research indicates that bioavailable carotenoids found in fermented foods may help in men’s health, especially prostate inflammation.


Once our Tibico primary ferments are added to the freshly prepared vegetables, each batch is locked down to generate the anaerobic growth of gut friendly cultures and a multitude of organic compounds that are essential to our wellbeing and health.

Boosting the good bacteria in out guts is so important. Not only do they aid digestion but kill off the bad bacteria responsible for many modern-day lifestyle ailments.


When opening, there will be a little fizzzzz but don't be afraid of the small bubbles ....ITS LIVE AND SO GOOD FOR YOU !!


100% Raw
Billions of live cultures to rebalance and nourish you gut microbiome.
No added sugar.
No artificial sweeteners or flavourings.
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

Our unique anaerobic process (without air fermentation) ferments out natural sugars to generate billions of gut friendly strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These are known to aid digestion, rebalance gut health, support the immune system, manage body weight, provide hormone balance and contribute towards general wellbeing.


Packed with soluble fibre and resistant starch that our bodies cannot readily digest. However, high fibre and resistant starch is the perfect food (PREBIOTIC) for your gut microbiome. The one hundred trillion bacteria just love this stuff, digesting into a multitude of organics to be absorbed into our bodies.


FACT: The happier and stronger your gut microbiome, the stronger your immune system.

Tibico is working with hundreds of customers suffering numerous gut health ailments and hormonal struggles, IBS, diverticulitis, acid reflux, menopause, PTSD, diarrhoea and constipation, where the benefits of both Tibico's water kefirs and krauts have helped improve and restore good gut health.


Packed with probiotics and organic acids, vitamins, minerals, soluble fibre, and particularly, polyphenols (antioxidants), fat-free, cholesterol-free and low in calories.

Carrot, Nettle & Pumpkin Seed Kraut 450g

  • Nutritional Profile  
    Typical Values PER 100g % RI
    Energy (kJ) (kcal)            29.20 1%
    Energy (kJ)          121.90 1%
    Fat               0.59 2%
    of which Saturates               0.14 1%
    Polyunsaturates               0.31 1%
    Monounsaturates               0.03 0%
    Transfats                      -   0%
    Cholesterol                      -   0%
    Carbohydrate               5.81 2%
    of which Sugars               5.14 6%
    Fibre               8.32 28%
    Protein               1.03 2%
    Sodium               0.42 7%
      % RI   % RI
    Potassium 6%  Vitamin B1  4%
    Calcium 3%  Vitamin B2  2%
    Magnesium 4%  Vitamin B3  2%
    Phosphorous 4%  Vitamin B6  8%
    Iron 41% Vitamin B9 7%
    Copper 11%  Vitamin B5  5%
    Zinc 2% Vitamin C 5%
    Manganese 22%  Antioxidant Value (ORAC)  37%


























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