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I’ve known for a while that a healthy gut bacteria “was good for you”.
What I wasn’t expecting was the effect this stuff had on my state of mind.
I found that after a few days of drinking it consistently my anxiety reduced significantly. I felt calmer.

Matt Hammond: Oxford


I have suffered form IBS for many years. Anxiety and stress was the route cause, then eating a diet of easy foods such as white pasta, pizza and takeaways just made my conditions worse. Tibico is stocked in Fodder Health Wholefoods in Hereford  and they recommended me to try it. To my amazement it tasted great and refreshing. Even after a few days of war and peace below decks I genuinely felt much better and over 4 weeks .  WOW WOW !! I feel half normal again (the other half needs some counselling haha).

 Thank you Tibico !       Jill Gates: Hereford


"Not tempted by milk Kefir drinks in supermarkets, I was thrilled to discover this amazing range from Tibico.  Not only does each one taste delicious, but I feel better, brighter and stronger from drinking them. And they look beautiful in  a crystal glass too! Somewhat to my surprise,  my body is no longer interested in alcohol - just a sparking glass of this. I love the passion and the story behind Tibico.

So grateful to have found it." Susie Heath


"Within minutes of drinking my first Tibico I genuinely felt something going on. Within the first day I just felt different, which I assume are the cultures going into battle to kill of all that bad stuff in my gut that I read about on your website. I can genuinely confirm after 4 weeks its an amazing drink and wouldn't be without a bottle in the fridge to pep me up. Tibico has also got me into fermenting my own foods and the impact on my wellbeing has just been incredible. I have lost weight, my bloating has gone, my skin feels fresh and I feel alive.

JILL YARROW: Stockton on Tees

 ... WE LOVE IT!"- ANDREA & CLIFF FOSTER: Bristol. [ Satisfied Customers with two young children ]

"Can't stop drinking the stuff ... it's good for you and tastes great ... WE LOVE IT!"
[ Satisfied Customers with two young children ]


'Excellent product made with integrity and love. Great flavours.'
- FAY ADAMS: Worcester
[ Health Conscious Mum ]


'I drink this daily and being pregnant it's helped keep my gut balanced and immune system strong.
The fizzy delicious taste makes me want to drink more every time!!'


'Having suffered from IBS and bloating for over 10 years I was introduced to Tibico by a friend.

Within literally a few hours I could feel what felt like the 'good versus the bad' in my tummy. After only one week I actually started to feel normal for the first time in years. I also followed a new diet programme provided by Tibico Health and 3 months later I take no medication and all those embarrassing experiences have disappeared.' 'Thank you Will !'

- PAUL JONES (Macclesfield)

'I seem to have allergies to almost everything and water has been the norm for years. I have been drinking Tibico for almost 4 months and have found that in addition to it's gorgeous refreshing taste my intolerances have almost disappeared.....

have to say "it really has changed my life".'

- JANET LOMAX: Newport

'I am a Personal Trainer and champion a protein bar company. I have been drinking Tibico for over 12 months and notice the difference when I miss a bloating has disappeared. I have more energy and recommend it to all my clients as an alternative to post workout drinks as it also demonstrates good electrolyte properties.'


(DW Fitness Gyms)

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