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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Having succeeded with my first client (me) in overcoming an esophageal carcinoma in situ, I have studied as a Functional Nutritionist.

In creating Tibico, I have developing a unique anaerobic fermentation process to generate a potent probiotic profile which we use to ferment fruits into a wonderful sparkling water kefir drink to be support your gut health and wellbeing.

As I write this blog, I'm drinking a Wild Berry Tibico with my breakfast of overnight oats (a wonderful soluble fibre prebiotic to start the day).

This is an exceptionally exhilarating time in the field of health. For most of the relatively short time since the invention of microscopes, scientists believed that bacteria only caused disease.

We have now begun to appreciate that having a robust, diverse and well balanced personalised collection of friendly bacteria help us avoid, reverse or at least improve obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many more chronic health concerns of our time.

Our bodies entire content of living microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and even parasites is known as our microbiome.

The more I study the more I am in awe of the power of friendly bacteria and of probiotics.

Humans are essentially super-organisms, our own flesh and blood plus residential communities of trillions of microorganisms. We are dependent of them for functions so important that they are often collectively describes as another 'organ' much like the liver, kidneys or lungs.

The mass of these microorganisms in just our intestinal tract weighs about as much as a mans liver - 2 to 3 Kg.

We are pretty fond of our organs and would never say "go ahead and remove my liver". And yet we routinely kill off their microbiome 'organ' because we are unaware of the crucial role it plays in our health.

May caring doctors remain in this camp, dosing out antibiotics and unnecessary tablets, in an attempt to treat the effect and not the cause of many lifestyle illnesses. We still believe that the ability of antibiotics to save lives is the only solution, and yet we still don't know about the side effects that antibiotics could turn bacteria into antibiotic-resistant superbugs. (there is a hint in the fact that "antibiotic" means against life in clear contract with "probiotic" which means for life).

We hope you will continue to enjoy our blogs as we focus more and more on gut health and the benefits of a well balanced diet high in probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics and some simple plant based recipes.

We will also commence a few collaborations with some like minded colleagues to help bring a greater awareness of such subjects as obesity, menopause, energy release,

hormone balance and wellness programmes.

Come with us and enjoy the Tibico Journey and power up your microbiome to perform the functions that evolution has created.

Thank you


Creator of Tibico

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