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2023 Nourish Award Winners
Ginger & Turmeric Water Kefir
2023 Nourish Award Winners

Because Your
Gut Health Matters

We specialise in small multiple batch  craft fermentation.

Our ferments have been carefully developed to taste fresh and amazing whilst supporting gut health and improving overall wellbeing.

Every Tibico product is fermented from natural raw ingredients and are free of sugar, sweeteners and additives.
Our commitment to quality, sustainability and flavoursome taste is at the core of our culture and ethics and we strive to offer the best in fermented food products.

Join our Tibico community today and experience the benefits.

Raspberry Water Kefir

Meet the flavours

2023 Nourish Award Winners

 Kefir Krauts 
an added indulgence

To complement our amazing Water Kefirs, The Tibico Fermentary has created one of its finest ferments. 

Tibico Kefir Krauts are UNIQUE.

Using our primary water kefir we ferment fruits, spices, herbs and vegetables into a rich Kraut to be enjoyed at any table; in sandwiches, wraps and tacos or just by itself on a piece of toasted sourdough. 

To support your gut health, mind and body, our Krauts are packed with prebiotics and beneficial probiotic live cultures to support your immune  system. Our craft fermentation yields both A, B and C vitamins, readily available polyphenols, short chain fatty acids, amino acids and beneficial enzymes.

We uniquely ferment using Celtic Salts, adding 82 known minerals into every jar. 

Tibico Kefir Krauts are a fresh new experience. 

Dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly.


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