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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water Kefir​

1. Activates the Digestive System

​In the presence of friendly bacteria, the digestive system works optimally and the nutrients are well assimilated. The digestibility of the food is improved as the bacterias break down large nutrients into smaller ones. This makes the food substances bio-available to the body. The bacteria found in kefir water that populate the gut break down the food that hasn’t been absorbed by the small intestine and boosts the elimination of the toxic substances. Kefir water is also responsible for regulating the stomach’s acidity.

2. Minimizes Food Intolerance

​The intestinal flora also affects the thickness and renewal of the intestinal mucus. This means that it evades intestinal permeability, leading to several food intolerances. Foods that are not digestible are not circulated in the blood but rather degraded in the intestines which play an immunological role especially in the balancing of the bacteria.

3. Strengthens the Immune System

Water kefir has a positive effect on our immune system. The products of lactic acid fermentation in water kefir have antibacterial effects and thus offer the body with protection against infections. The probiotic bacteria control the possibility of excessive growth of pathogens and the decomposition of bacteria in the intestines. Kefir water is, in this case, a natural disinfectant, and it also promotes cellular respiration and boosts metabolism.

A study conducted in 1997 by Kabayama team on the use and benefits of water kefir showed that water kefir and its main polysaccharide kefiran reduce or inhibit the negative action of stress on the production of interferon-β which is a humoral factor.

4. Contains Vitamins

​Kefir water is a well-known source of essential vitamins. It is exceedingly rich in vitamins B1, B6 and B2. Additionally, the fruits that are added to the kefir water provide Vitamin C along with other important nutrients.

Vitamin B1 is important for cardiovascular functions, improving brain function, protects the nerves, assists in digestion, protecting the mucous membrane, prevents the development of anemia and helps in the synthesis of glucose.

B6 helps in boosting the immune system, supporting brain function, controlling disorders that are behavioural, improves mood, treatment of high blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular sicknesses, enhances metabolism and supports enzymatic system among other functions.

Vitamin C is useful in the reduction of asthma, preventing cataracts, lowering levels of glycosylated haemoglobin, protects against oxidation of proteins, decreasing side effects of cancer chemotherapy, promotes the production of collagen, and boost a healthy immune system. If you want to fulfil your need for nutrients, it is recommendable for you to drink kefir water daily.

5. Reduces Allergic Reactions

​Allergies are mostly caused by an intolerance to certain foods that you eat. Allergy symptoms may vary from one person to another. If your body cannot tolerate the intake of milk kefir, kefir water offers you with a healthy alternative. The probiotics in the kefir water also help in fighting bacteria, viruses, and preventing allergies.

6. Water Kefir is an Energy Booster

​Kefir water has many essential nutrients, therefore it will help boost levels of energy. As a tip, you can add juice from coconut to the kefir water. This may boost your energy levels as the coconut juice contains potassium which will help in muscle strengthening and thus giving you more energy.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

​Inflammations are the results of injuries. Inflammations are a natural way of responding to damage. When the body gets damaged, it uses inflammations in order to defend itself from bacteria or a virus. To be able to