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Anytime your body gives you a symptom, it's a warning sign!

You should heed the call and pay attention to these cries for help that your body sends you.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter malfunctions, allowing the contents of the stomach to flow up into the esophagus.

The word STRESS now touches every part of our lives and can be a major contribution to GERD. Some speculate that the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the stomach causes undigested food to ferment. In turn, this fermentation causes gas to build up, eventually forcing the contents of the stomach up into the esophagus. This is what creates the symptoms of burning and pain commonly associated with acid reflux. Inflammation is one of the main culprits of GERD. Excess acid in the esophagus causes inflammation resulting in pain and irritation of the esophageal lining.

The 'go to' solution for almost everyone is ANTACIDS ... something to neutralise the effect but unfortunately the cause is never resolved. A glass of milk or water can bring immediate relief only to be repeated day after day until the symptoms become more severe.

Lactobacillus is an important probiotic as it converts lactose and other sugars to lactic acid. The production of lactic acid makes the gut acid, which inhibits the growth of bad bacteria and other pathogens. When the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria gets out of balance many health problems can start occurring.

Drinking Tibico a few times a week has helped to many of our customers.

Tibico is very specially anaerobically fermented to maximise the quantity of lactobacillus that will help rebalance excessive stomach acidity.

As a live cultured drink, it has anti-inflammatory properties and can ease the symptoms of inflammation. If you are experiencing these symptoms, one of the first things you should do is add kefir to your diet to restore balance in your gut.

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