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What is the best definition of an UPF (Ultra Processed Food) ?

The easiest answer is:

Look at the ingredients and if any of the items can't be found in a normal family kitchen, then its an UPF.

The following questions and answers are taken from a Zoe Science & Nutrition Podcast. The Zoe Programme is highly recommended and tries to communicate a simple understanding of many of the health issues facing our world today.

Please click in this link to learn more:

Here are a few basic questions, answers and horrifying facts.

  • Do UPF's cause obesity ? YES and its responsible for pandemic obesity.

  • Can UPF re-wire your brain? YES

  • How many of our calories in the UK come from UPF? Close to 60%, but 80% in children !

  • Is science now understanding how UPF damages our health? YES

  • Can we undo to damage from UPF if we stop eating it? YES

  • Can UPF ever be healthy? NO

  • Does nutrition underpin early death? YES

  • Are UPF's as addictive as nicotine, drugs and alcohol? YES

  • Is the gut microbiome key to our health? YES

3 Significant changes to help undo the damage of UPF's.

Starting eating more plants

Start eating with greater diversity, eg eating by colours

Start eating and drinking more fermented foods

Please click in this link to learn more:

Scroll down 'more.....' and you can dabble about and listen to those parts that interest you most.

I hope this will help in a little way.

William Shotton


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