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Try all our flavours in one discounted taster box of 12 bottles:

Strawberry Blush, Apple Crisp, Rhubarb & Hibiscus , Organic Ginger and Turmeric Roots, Raspberry & Elderflower, Wild Berry.


Tibico is a craft fermented labour of love ðŸ’š

Tibico is UNIQUE and recommended by GI Specialists and Nutritionists.
Tibico is the ONLY anaerobically fermented water kefir made from whole fruits and spices.(i.e. its NOT a simple primary fermentation to which chemical flavourings and artificial sweeteners are added).


Craft fermented our fruits are locally sourced Herefordshire.


Lightly sparkling, soft, delicious and refreshing probiotic drink, packed with lots of good stuff and the flavours of summer to support gut health and general wellbeing.

Hydroponically grown LEAF certified Herefordshire Fruits (excluding Organic Ginger and Turmeric)
100% Raw
Billions of live cultures to rebalance and nourish you gut microbiome.
No added sugar.
No artificial sweeteners or flavourings.
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

Many products will simply quote the total volume of  bacteria  in their drinks, but these may not-necessarily the solution to supporting gut health. 

Tibico focuses very much on the POTENCY of the final drink and the live culture anaerobic profile.  Craft and slow, low temperature fermented over 10 days, every bottle is packed with billions of live cultures, organic acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that our bodies love!!

Our unique anaerobic process (without air fermentation) ferments out natural sugars to generate billions of gut friendly strains of  lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. These are know to aid digestion, rebalance gut health, support the immune system, manage body weight, provide hormone balance and contribute towards general wellbeing.

But hey ! ... many people just drink it because they love the unique sugar free taste !!

Tibico is working with hundreds of customers suffering numerous gut health and hormonal ailments. IBS, diverticulitis, acid reflux, menopause, PTSD, where the benefits of Tibico's bacterial profile greatly support these conditions.

Packed with vitamins, fibre, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free and low in calories.  

Tibico works with a number of Herefordshire farms with Integrated Farm Management and LEAF certification. This reduces water consumption stopping run-off to local rivers and where wildflower planting and natural bee-hiving increases bio-diversity.

12 or 15 x 330 ml Mixed Water Kefirs

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