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All Worthwhile !

When I started researching the benefits of fermentation in 2016, it was for my own health concerns.

Tibico was created in 2020 and it still took another 12 months, day after day, working in the kitchen and garage to create a process that anaerobically fermented fruit sugars into a potent probiotic beverage to be enjoyed by everyone.

In 2023 we still have a few last challenges as we scale up further and every day, we never stop learning something new.

Its when customers write posts on Trustpilot as below, it makes everything so worthwhile.

Thank You !

It has literally been life changing for me as it is the only thing that helps with my acid reflux. Far better than any medication from the doctors. I have been spreading the word🙂. It is also tasty and very refreshing. I have found the company communication and delivery absolutely excellent. Many thanks for everything.

A really lovely and refreshing drink.

Both my partner and I love the water kefir, we have it first thing in the morning before food and we love the taste. We've started a subscription now as we really want to improve our health. The service is always first class and the info you receive with your order is always interesting. Can't fault the company or its products and I've recommended them to lots of family and friends, so glad we found them!

Great product fast delivery and customer service very quick to respond to any queries. Been using for almost a year now.

I have tried a number of water kefirs in a search for a good probiotic drink. I can say without doubt that Tibico is a delightful full flavoured sparkling drink.

This is a thirst quenching go to drink for our whole family who also buy the product.

Their new Krauts are just amazing. They are fresh , clean and unlike any other ferment I have ever tasted . Can’t resist eating a whole jar after it arrives next day with excellent customer service. I can’t recommend Tibico enough.

Tibico kefir is also a fantastic drink when I wake up in the night thirsty, it leaves no after taste which I have found with other water kefirs.

Tibico water kefir is such a brilliant way to look after my microbes, especially as I don't tolerate dairy very well. The balance between the delicious flavours and fizz level makes it a really enjoyable drink. Since I started having a glass a day with breakfast, I've noticed I get no bloating and it's knocked my sugar cravings on the head. Plus the customer service is outstanding ... hats off to Will and his team!

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