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Updated: Apr 16

Tibico Raspberry and Elderflower is fermented from whole Raspberries
Tibico Whole Raspberry Ingredients

We have been asked by a number of interested customers and stockists; "why Tibico isn't exclusively Organic ?.

I have written this short article as a personal opinion about Tibico's sourcing and a few ethical principles.

As we become more and more aware about the quality of our rivers and seas, unless something drastic is done to redress the balance, we will continue to be dominated by greed and money at the expense of our environment.

My concerns about ORGANIC is the dogma under which the Soil Association insist upon the fact that to be certified, fruit and vegetables must be grown in the soil.

Additionally close to 70% of what we eat is imported from all over the world with a high percentage of fruit coming from China and other Asian countries. There is no concern for sustainability or carbon footprint.

It's important to note that the regulations governing organic farming vary by country, and the permitted substances may differ depending on the specific organic certification program. In many countries they permit the use of pesticides, if, the their words "all else fails". This reminds me of the UK Water Authorities pumping millions of tonnes of sewage into our rivers in the name of profit.

A major concern I have, is that to be Certified Organic it excludes to quality of water used to irrigate crops. This water quality can contain heavy metals, untreated sewerage and run off chemicals from other areas that eventually end up in the produce.

Please don't tell me that a farmer in China on $300 a month cares about our health in the UK.

Have you ever looked at the quality and price of organic fruit and vegetables in many shops. Soft and withered, they have lost over 50% of their nutritional value with vitamins being the first denature. In contrast, frozen fruit and vegetables go from field to cold storage in hours and loose little nutritional value.

Hippocrates was an ancient Greek physician who is often referred to as the "father of medicine." He was born on the Greek island of Kos in 460 BCE and lived until around 370 BCE.

His famous teaching remain as true today as over 2,000 years ago.

So common sense, not dogma must prevail. The only right is what is good for the environment and our health - not the greed of Big Food, Big Pharma, or Big Water.

Tibico has 3 major goals when sourcing ingredients.