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What will happen inside me?

Every drink contains over 500 billion good colony forming units (CFU). These little chaps will create a GUT POWERHOUSE (the microbiome).

Scientists call a healthy MICROBIOME the second brain linking the gut with the brain trough the vagus nerve.

People with a poor microbiome may initially experience some initial bloating and gas as Tibico detoxifies their system. ​ But don’t give up because the benefits will be amazing! We have HUNDREDS of customers who have noticeably seen beneficial changes in their general health and wellbeing:

Help with gut ailments

Better moods and energy

Detoxifies the endocrine system

Weight management

Improved skin condition

Better sleeping patterns

Good bowel health .

Less constipation

Reduced bloating

Increased power of the immune system to fight off colds and general winter ailments. ​ Finally, we have a number of regular customs that have suffered from, IBS, diverticulitis and crohn's disease who have experienced a wonderful turnaround in their conditions.

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