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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Our unique Tibico process is anaerobic (air is excluded) and took almost 3 years to create and perfect.

Why ?

Most of the live culture probiotic drinks on the market are produced in an aerobic process. This simply means ... in a normal atmosphere of air.

This includes live yogurts, milk kefir, probiotic supplements, kombucha and many other water kefirs.

They are not bad for you in any way and in drinks like kombucha, many have air bubbled through them as part of their process. The live cultures produced therefore survive better in air than without air, but we don't blow air into our bodies to help their survive and promote good gut health.. Many people who drink kombucha will be familiar with the vinegar like taste which is generated by acetic acid bacteria.

An anaerobic ferment like Tibico decreases the acetic acid (vinegar) bacteria and promotes lactic acid, live lactobacillus bacteria and especially bifidobacterium that tend our 'gut garden'.

These in general help to digest fibre in fruit and vegetables and the resistant starches in vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes, squash etc.

They produce those important short-chain fatty acids, digestive enzymes, release locked in beneficial compounds and other important vitamins like vitamin B.

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