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  • Shipping Information & Tracing My Delivery
    All deliveries are placed with APC on a NEXT DAY basis, except for Scotland which may be 2 days. Dispatch days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Orders for Scotland will not be dispatched on a Thursday. ​ NOTE: Orders received on a Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday will be dispatched on a Monday. ​ We do not deliver Saturday or Sunday. ​ We will try our very best to deliver as promised but Tibico cannot be held responsible for Third Party performance. ​ We will email a shipping confirmation and tracking number on dispatch. ​ QUERIES FIRST CALL APC ON 0800 37 37 37. HAVE YOUR APC CONSIGNMENT NUMBER AND POSTCODE READY BEFORE CALLING. ​ SHOULD YOU NOT GET THE CORRECT RESPONSE CALL TIBICO MOBILE 24 HOUR SUPPORT LINE ON 077 69 27 73 75 ​ COSTS: We have a minimum order value of £20 Orders under a value of £50 will incur a shipping cost of £5.95 Orders of a net cost (after any discounts are applied) of £50.00 benefit FREE DELIVERY ​ Further Questions? If you have any queries, please reach out to us at Quoting your ORDER NUMBER.
  • How to Redeem My Loyalty Point
    YOU MUST LOG IN FIRST. There are two ways to redeem your loyalty point. METHOD ONE... The simplest way: On the final checkout screen there is a black box on the RH side. APPLY REWARD. Above that there a a total of your loyalty points that have been accumulated. If you have more than 30 points and your order is over £30, CLICK APPLY REWARD and 15% discount will be deducted automatically. If you have more than 60 points and your order is over £60, CLICK APPLY REWARD and 20% discount will be deducted automatically. [Remember to get FREE DELIVERY your order needs to be over £50 after a discount is applied]. METHOD TWO Go to LOYALTY SCHEME ON THE TOP MENU Click: VIEW LOYALTY POINTS Click: GET COUPON Click: REDEEM Click: COPY (this will copy your discount code) Click: ENTER A PROMO CODE ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE PASTE CODE AND CLICK APPLY THE DISCOUNT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CALCULATED IN THE ORDER SUMMARY
  • On receipt of your Tibico box.
    1. On receipt of your Tibico box please inspect all products. 2. If there are any queries please email us at 3. All Tibico products are RAW & ALIVE and should be be kept refrigerated once received. 4. If you do not have enough fridge space, keep in a cold place < 6 degrees and refrigerate before consuming. Your house is not a cool place and we would suggest an outside building and keeping in a bucket of cold water. 5. A small amount of 'in bottle or jar' fermentation may have taken place, producing some extra fizz. ITS PERFECTLY SAFE AND ALIVE. 6. With the Water Kefir drinks after refrigeration, just crack the cap over the sink, to release any excess pressure before drinking. 7. With our Kefir Krauts crack the jar lid (burping) before refrigeration. The bacteria will continue to ferment the ingredients until its in your tummy. 😋 6. Do not store at room temperature. COLD (<6 degrees) OR REFRIGERATED.
  • There is sediment in the bottom of the bottle
    All our Ferments are RAW and NATURAL. From bottle or jar filling to delivery on your doorstep the bacterial cultures with continue to slowly ferment away and multiply. The sediment on the bottom are gut friendly bacteria, yeasts and spores that will go to work as soon as the majority reach your gut. "SO SHAKE ME GENTLY TO WAKE ME " ! 😍 * With bottles, invert the bottle to mix in the sediment. Don't shake too much. * With Krauts, invert the jar and allow the liquid and sediment to populate the contents.
  • When is the best time to drink Tibico and how much should I drink ?
    The best time to start drinking Tibico is first think in the morning before breakfast. This is when the stomach acidity is at its lowest. This enables the drink to flush the stomach into the small and large intestine where the probiotics can go to work. TIP: Have a small drink of water 50-100 ml to flush any acid from an empty stomach........wait 5 minutes .... then drink your Tibico. If you suffer from poor sleep (especially with some acid reflux), have a drink before bedtime. Many customers have found it really helps. We would suggest starting of with a small bottle or half a large bottle per day (250-330ml). Once you start feeling the benefits you can reduce to a few bottles a week. However most of our customers drink about 250ml daily.
  • Do batches vary in taste
    Our proprietary anaerobic multiple small batch process develops potent quantities of live probiotic cultures, polyphenols (antioxidants) , digestive enzymes, B & C vitamins and minerals in all our ferments. Although we source our ingredient from the same farms and suppliers, they are all whole fruits and vegetables. Every batch varies depending on seasonal changes and especially the sugar content of our fruits throughout the year. Every batch is raw and traditionally craft fermented and will vary.
  • My Tibico Water Kefir is cloudy with some sediment and solids in the neck of the bottle.
    Every bottle is fermented from whole fruits and the contents are natural and raw. When we chill our batches before bottling and storing at 3-4 degrees, we get what is called 'cold crashing'. Sometimes natural pectin's will rise to the neck of the bottle. Natural pectin's in the fruit will precipitate out at low temperature giving the drink an appearance of cloudy or what looks like a small ball of cotton wool in the neck. Give the bottles a good shake to mix up any solids in the bottle. Return to the fridge ... or ... Wait a few minutes and crack the cap over a sink.
  • What does Tibico Water Kefir taste like?
    Sharp, not sweet, but not vinegary with a light sparkling carbonation. The Tibico fermentation process is carefully controlled in an anaerobic environment. Over 10 days, the acidity slowly increases as lactobacillus bacteria and a combination of other strains, produce natural organic acids: lactic acid ,folic acid and small amounts of acetic acids. These organic acids are so good as a natural antibiotic, natures antiseptic that are aggressive to many yeast infections and acid regulators in the stomach. The taste of all our products is therefore slightly sharp and acidic, but not vinegary like apple cider vinegar or kombucha. We don't add sweeteners, flavourings or any additives like so many brands. If you are used to sugary drinks and foods, then it may take a little time to get used to the taste, as sugar craving is mostly generated by bad bacteria in the gut. Please persevere the benefits may have such a positive effect.
  • What do Tibico Kefir Krauts taste like, are they like a pickle ?
    Tibico Kefir Krauts are unique ! We do not allow natural bacteria on the surface of vegetable to start the fermentation process. Instead we flood our ingredients with our proprietary primary water kefir that has been anaerobically fermented. Why? ... This technique seeds the ingredients with potent beneficial bacteria and lactic acid. All other ferments / sauerkrauts / kimchi's etc produce high levels of acetic acid (vinegar) that is not the best for gut health and especially tooth decay. So our Kefir Krauts taste neutral and have the natural taste of the wonderful ingredients we use. Our Kefir Krauts are teeming with billions of probiotic bacteria, whilst the fibre in the ingredients is a perfect prebiotic to feed your gut bacteria. The resulting Kefir Krauts support the conversion by bacteria into short chain fatty acids, the most prominent being butyrate and propionate. Although both are essential for the condition and replacement of the gut wall every few days, butyrate is know to repair the gut wall and help 'leaky gut'. Enjoy !
  • What is the best before date
    Once refrigerated: * Tibico Drinks: Best Before date is 60 days. * Tibico Krauts: Best Before date is 60 days. We test every batch at 150 days that are stored outside refrigeration and they have always been fine to consume.
  • I opened my Tibico Kefir Kraut and its fizzing?
    Absolutely ! This is ALIVE with active bacteria that are continuing to ferment the ingredients. Its RAW and not pasteurised and packed with live probiotics.
  • How much Tibico should I drink daily ?
    Start with a small bottle / half a large bottle per day. Drinking a small quantity (< 150ml) is not recommended because the high acidity in the stomach will kill off the probiotics. This is also the case with small bottles like Benecol, Actimel, Live yogurts. The beneficial contents are killed almost immediately.
  • When will I feel any benefits ?
    The effect of drinking Tibico very much depends on your current health / gut health and naturally, your diet. What you eat is critical to your overall health and well being. So a good healthy diet means a good healthy you 😊and a poor diet, low in fibre and high in carbohydrates, sugar, dairy, ultra processed foods, will be the opposite 😫. A healthy gut should contain approximately 100 trillion good gut bacteria, working in harmony with your body and living off the fibre you eat. In return they help to manage your immune system, maintain and repair the gut wall, release vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lots of other good things from fibre. This, the human body cannot do and that why we need a healthy microbiome (the kingdom of your gut). ITS CRITICAL TO HEALTH. Tibico is packed with live probiotics, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and digestive enzymes all extracted from the fruits and vegetables we ferment. These are so beneficial for your body, but Tibico is not a silver bullet. Tibico products will contribute to a healthy diet and rebalance your gut health. In many customers they feel the benefits within a week. Some customers experiencing ailments, may take a little longer. We are also hear to help, so please contact us at Drink a glass every morning before breakfast when your stomach acidity is at its lowest and it will flush through to your gut and get to work. Once the benefits are felt, a few bottles a week will help maintain a healthy gut. Many customers drink Tibico every day, because the love the flavour and experience. Please read our Trustpilot for some customer experiences: Try to include fermented food and drink into your daily diet every day. Our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and are depended on good bacteria for digestion and immunity. We are what we eat ! (and drink).
  • I already take a probiotic supplement. Should I continue discontinue while drinking Tibico drinks?
    The probiotics in our live ferments are both varied and potent. Probiotic capsules are ok but limited on the variation of cultures. In your gut there are about 100 trillion bacteria with over 1,500 different species. Eating or drinking live cultures adds variation and diversity to your microbiome. A typical probiotic capsule will contain 2-4 strains of laboratory cultued bacteria, whilst fermented foods will have 30-40 strains. Its important therefore to add fermented foods to your diet every day. Taking the capsules won’t do any harm, but save your money for a while.
  • Are Tibico products pasteurised ?
    Everything is RAW. No additives, no flavourings, no infusions, no sugar, no caffeine. Tibico products are ALIVE and packed with bio-available minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, digestive enzymes and billions of anaerobic probiotics. A probiotic fruit drink without the sugar.
  • Does Tibico have any stockists ?
    We prefer to sell our products through our website. This enables us to communicate with customers directly and answer any queries directly. Providing regular emails and updates keeps our customers updated on gut health topics, blogs and promotions. Tibico does have some selected stockists in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Avon.
  • Does Tibico Water Kefir contain alcohol ?
    Any natural fermentation process generates small amounts of alcohol with the normal amount being about 0.5%. For reference, beer contains about 4-7% and wine 8-14%. We test every batch of our ferments and our average alcohol content is 0.3%
  • What does Tibico Water Kefir and Krauts taste like?
    Tibico consists of 100% natural ingredients, raw and unpasteurised with all the sugar converted by the production of billions of gut friendly bacteria, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and organic acids. Tibico products are slightly dry and very slightly acidic. This is created by the abundance of lactobacillus that produce lactic acid and folic acid. The taste is refreshing without the after taste that sugary and milk based drinks sometimes have. With popular drinks such as Kombucha, their aerobic fermentation process yields acetic acid (vinegar) from acetobacter bacteria. Most Kombuchas are flavoured to mask the sharp acidic taste and have added chemical sweeteners (the same that are found in Diet Coke, Pepsi and most sodas).
  • Are Probiotics not just killed in the stomach due to its acidity ?
    During each stage of Tibico's manufacture we carefully monitor and control the acidity between 3.4 - 3.8 pH when bottled. ​Firstly, no bad bacteria can survive below a pH of 4.4 and therefore the acidity of Tibico cannot harbour any pathogens. ​Secondly, the high concentrations of lactic acid producing lactobacillus in a Tibico drink is in high volume. This ensures that although some bacteria will be killed, a high volume will continue to travel through to the stomach into the gut where they will go to work to boost the microbiome.
  • Does Tibico have different strains of bacteria and yeast than milk kefir ?
    Yes, absolutely. They do share some common strains, but have many unique ones too. ​ Tibico is typically composed of a high percentage of lactic acid bacteria. Lactobacillus and Leuconostoc are the lactic acid bacteria. Finally Bifidobacterium shows promising treatment in conditions such as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), restoration of intestinal bacteria after antibiotics, chemotherapy, constipation, lung infections, ulcerative colitis, certain kinds of diarrhea. Beneficial bacteria Independently evaluated and essential for supporting good gut health. ​ Acetobacter Fabarum Acetobacter Orientalis Bifidobacterium Bifidum Bifidobacterium Crudilactisand Bifidobacterium Psychraerophilum Lactobacillus Nagelii Lactobacillus Hordei Lactobacillus Hilgardii Lactobacillus Casei Leuconostoc Mesenteroides Leuconostoc
  • Is Tibico as beneficial as milk kefir ?
    The short answer is yes, especially for someone who is lactose intolerant, vegan or suffering from digestive ailments.....Tibico is simply the PERFECT PROBIOTIC BEVERAGE. ​ Tibico has a very unique slow fermentation process taking 10 days to produce a single bottle. This enables the development of a rich and potent probiotic liquor
  • How safe is a drink full of billions of living bacteria?
    Our anaerobic process is strictly controlled to the highest of standards. Tibico had been independently tested and certified by the Government Environmental Health Organisation (EHO) and Public Health England laboratories at Porton Down. ​ The nature of Tibico Water Kefir is such that the billions of good bacteria naturally kill off any bad bacteria. As the good bacteria produce beneficial lactic and folic acids the acidity of each drink (pH 3.4 - 3.8) guarantees that no pathogens and other bad bacteria can survive.
  • How sustainable are we ?
    From packaging materials to ingredients Tibico takes great care to protect the environment and be sustainable wherever possible. All our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. Apart from our organic ginger and turmeric and pineapple all our fruit is sourced locally in Herefordshire from organic and hydroponic LEAF Inte­grat­ed Farm Man­age­ment Centres.
  • Where do we source our fruit ?
    The importance of sourcing locally is critical to our economy and environment. Working closely with our suppliers is key to bringing the most ethically sourced ingredients and nutrient dense quality. Where possible, Tibico sources from Soil Association Approved organic farms. However, to reduce environmental impact most organic fruits are imported from thousands of miles across the world with a high carbon footprint. Not to mention the exploitation of labour in some countries and their environmental record in de-forestation. We have looked very closely over a number of years and discovered that the advancement in hydroponic agriculture far exceeds organic farming. Hydroponic fruit production can be micromanaged for the benefit of the consumer and the environment. Tibico works with a number of Herefordshire farms with Integrated Farm Management and LEAF certification. This reduces water consumption stopping run-off to local rivers and where wildflower planting and natural bee-hiving increases bio-diversity. For more details please send us an email through the contact page.
  • So what goes on in our fermentation process?
    Kefir grains are an amazing symbiotic matrix of bacteria and yeast that work together and feed off added organic cane sugars and those present in added fruits. Yeasts break down the simple sugars like glucose and fructose. Lactic acid-producing bacteria (such as lactobacilli) convert sugars (such as sucrose) and complex carbohydrates (starches, etc.) lactic and folic acid under strict anaerobic conditions. Under these conditions, bifidobacterium also thrive in abundance which research indicates have antioxidant properties and responsible for supporting the immune system and hormone balance. Lactic acids naturally preserve as well as stave off harmful foreign bacteria, due to high acidity. The result is a drink that has had the sugar converted into lactic acid, folic acid, carbon dioxide and a little ethanol (alcohol). It also contains billions of bacteria and bio-available nutrients from the sugars and fruits. Additionally there is an increase in vitamin C, many B vitamins and antioxidants that are thought to neutralise cancer causing free-radicals.
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